About Company

We believe nature fiber product can elevate your life

You deserve sustainable creations made by us or yourself

Exotic Fiber has operated in the global animal fiber business for over twenty years. Hutton Company founded it and has built strong relationships with all wool association spinning mills worldwide, including Italy, the UK, Japan, and China. Unlike others, Exotic Fiber sources its fibers independently to ensure the quality matches the standard. The company is committed to providing exceptionally high-quality products at an affordable price, as everyone deserves a good life.

Our Value


Sustainable fashion is a continuously evolving process, a duty of conscience for caring for the environment, which safeguards future generations

Our mission was simple- provide sustainable fiber products at an affordable price. To Inspire more imagination for future fashion.


From knowing to becoming isn't a result but a process


Our factories are certified by SFA, GCS, or RWS. They are committed to responsible production and safe working conditions and to contributing to low-down climate impact development.


Luxurious fibers treated by meticulous process, we admire nature as the best, it’s the gift of living earth

Less Pack

LessPack is a great initiative that aims to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices by encouraging the use of eco-friendly packaging solutions. By choosing to use less packaging, we can significantly reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

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